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    Ok this conversation is one year old but: - on one hand: of course I find the whole rethoric of “these women are asking...
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    I hate Tumbler.. it won’t let me quote anything. I just don’t understand why someone calling a cosplayer hot is , in...
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    If you say what? That they exist only to give people their jollies? Then yep, you’re doing it wrong. Again, there is...
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    Perfect response to what was really a steaming pile of bullshit. I can only add that men, you are not entitled to a...
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    1) It’s Leia, not Leila. 2) LIKE. I. SAID. Maybe those girls in the picture have a thing for metallic bikinis. Maybe...
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    Do you notice how many of these arguments include “sit down and shut up?” They don’t even try to code it. They want us...
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    Also, I love how being progressive and not a misogynist asshole is considered “politically correct”. Cause, from where I...
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    Usually I’d add to this, but I think Brea summed up everything I would say pretty damn perfectly.
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    THIS. I read the whole thing last night and I’m really glad now that I don’t have to type up the big thing I thought it...
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